PASKUDNIK  - solo performance


A post-migrant drag persona who got lost while crossing borders between Germany and Poland, between past and future: With PASKUDNIK, Tubi Malcharzik unfurls the migration story of their family backwards and searches for ‘Paskudnik’. A word which is a familiar and an undeciphered hole in the collective memory of Malcharzik’s family. Its meaning moves somewhere between dining table, football match, parasite, and disgust; the translation is difficult.
One hundred years after the referendum in the border region of Upper Silesia and fifty years after the family arrived in the border crossing camp Friedland in the Federal Republic of Germany, Tubi Malcharzik and an interdisciplinary team takes this term as a starting point to negotiate questions of gender roles & sexuality, queerness and anti-Slavism, as well as german-polish migration histories and historical border region Upper Silesia. 

co-produced by Schwankhalle Bremen, brut Wien and LOFFT - Das Theater Leipzig