COMEBACK  - video score

MAY 2020

The solo COMEBACK draws upon a drag performance that Tobi Malcharzik put on in the gymnasium of their elementary school. In a game of holding on tight to memories and fictionalization, a picture puzzle of queer childhood experiences comes into focus. The video score is not a recording of the original staging, but a possible translation into digital space. It invites viewers to synchronize and imagine a seemingly impossible duet which can never be captured in a photograph.



(language: English)

The video is divided into three parts and includes an interactive moment. This requires two different devices, such as a mobile phone and a laptop, to play video parts 2 and 3 in parallel. First, start with part 1 at 03:30 min.

The video score was created as part of the Performing Arts Festival 2020 (Hebel am Ufer Theater, Berlin) and was dramaturgically accompanied by Mateusz Szymanówka. 

Ausstellungen: communities across time* (Juli 2021, atelier automatique)